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Upcoming changes Effective Oct 1

Upcoming Changes: MDS 3.0

Effective October 1, 2018 an update to the MDS 3.0 Item set is on its way. The update will include changes to sections of the MDS 3.0. including updates to section GG, I, J, N, M. Additional Quality Measures will also be implement during the updates. Click below to  gain access to download the CMS copy of the upcoming changes to the MDS Item set. 


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QualityReporting Training - CMS (1)

SNF Quality Reporting Program QRP Training CMS

Recently, The Center’s for Medicare & Medicaid (CMS) held a two-day Quality Reporting Program Training on July 31 & August 1, 2018 for SNF providers. The packed 250 seats and over 1,000 web attendee training was held in Baltimore, Maryland.  A host of questions and answers regarding the upcoming changes to MDS 3.0 and the Quality Reporting Program – QRP effective October 1, 2018 was covered.

According to CMS

The primary focus of this ‘Train-the-Trainer’ event was to provide those responsible for training staff at SNFs with information about SNF QRP changes and updates to the Minimum Data Set (MDS) 3.0 Version 1.16.0, effective October 1, 2018. Topics included information on new and changed items, including changes associated with Section M (Pressure Ulcer/Injury), the introduction of Section N (the Drug Regimen Review Measure), Section O (including updates to guidance on Chemotherapy and Ventilator Guidance), and Section GG (Functional Mobility). Presenters also discussed resources available on, and support available through the SNF Help Desks.”

A copy of the training materials can be found on these links:

SNF Quality Reporting Agenda
SNF Training Materials – Day 1
Practice Section M Scenarios
Drug Regimen Review Section N
Section I and J Updates
Section GG Updates
Section GG Practice Scenarios
SNF QRP Reports

A copy of the changes to the sections of the MDS 3.0 Item Set effective October 1, 2018 can be found on CMS.Gov website.

For information on free upcoming Webinar on SNF QRP Training held on August 23, 2018 please submit information for email notification. Contact us

Are you a beginner with the MDS 3.0? No worries please join us in the MDS 3.0 Certificate Program or Intro to MDS 3.0 Course Series

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Moments in Need

As prayers, supplies, and rescue services continue to arrive in Texas and Louisiana, we would like to take a moment to wish these areas a speedy recovery. One can only imagine what it feels like to witness such devastation.

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The Role of a MDS Coordinator

Becoming a MDS Nurse can be a rewarding career choice. MDS Coordinators, also known as Clinical Reimbursement Specialist or Assessment Nurse Coordinators are responsible for assessing and evaluating levels of care in skilled nursing, extended care and swing bed acute care facilities. The role of the MDS nurse requires keen organization and a detailed eye for reviewing and assessing clinical documentation. The MDS 3.0 tools includes a very comprehensive understanding of how to manage the MDS 3.0 process from start to finish. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services requires that all rules and regulations related to the MDS tool be followed.

The manual of rules and regulations is approximately 1160 pages or so. Experienced MDS Coordinators will tell you first hand that learning all of this information, and how to properly become an MDS Coordinator in 3 or even 4 days in nearly impossible. You really have to ask yourself is the quick “certification” as important to you as really taking the time to properly become trained.

Upon applying to MDS positions, employers will advertise ” experience needed”.  Skilled nursing facilities are really searching for individuals who can take over this role with little or no on the job training. The truth remains that most of the time, the facilities simply may not have the resources to prepare a novice MDS Coordinator.  If a clinician isn’t knowledgeable enough, the facility can loose vital revenue. I don’t know about you, but I would not want to be responsible for that!

The advise to those that are seeking to gain knowledge, especially with the idea of applying for a “experienced only” positions, is to shop for a certification program that will hold your hand until you gain the confidence in managing the MDS process for your Long term care facility properly.



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