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Program Overview

The MDS 3.0 process for skilled nursing facilities has proven to become on of the most dynamic and critical component to the long-term facility success

in reporting quality of care and maximizing reimbursement. Each workshop training session allows the participant to practice and learn actual case scenarios to effective learn to function utilizing this knowledge. MDS Training Institute has built a reputation for novice learners gaining the knowledge to assist their employers to success.

This course is designed to train new and existing participants on the total MDS 3.0 process

We pride ourselves on knowing that our participants actually learn to understand how to complete the MDS 3.0 process at the end of our classes!

Note: Participants are not required to be nurses to enroll and learn about the MDS 3.0. (The actual position of a MDS
Coordinator is typically a nurse) 

Topics Include:

2 courses modules for certification total 7 sessions of instructor led training

  • MDS 101- Basic MDS 3.0 Essentials

    4 day live or virtual workshop training

    • Intro to MDS 3.0
    • Practicing Scheduling MDS 3.0
    • Understanding importance of reference dates
    • Determining Significant Change Guidelines for Residents
    • Review and Practice of the MDS 3.0 form
    • Exam I Review

  • MDS 102- Mastering Medicare Part A for Skilled Nursing Facilities 

    required one day a week virtual class, 3 weeks

    • Medicare Basics
    • Review and Practice Medicare Part A Assessment Scheduling
    • Resource Utilization Groups (RUGs)
    • Other Medicare Required Assessments (OMRAs)
    • Exam II Review

Best Training for Beginners!

  • Learning the MDS process is not easy. There are over 1300 pages of rules and regulations to understand for success. Practicing what you learn is the best teacher!  We put you practice from the first day!
  • In the current climate of healthcare, skilled nursing facilities can not afford  to entertain team members that lack efficient knowledge of MDS 3.0
    • Continued support, which is especially helpful in initial implementation of MDS practices
    • Career management support for MDS professionals to ensure success following program completion
    • Recorded audios available if needed during the program for reinforcement of learning
    • Classes taught by MDS professional to share tips and tricks for clinical and reimbursement success of the entire IDT
    • Upon successfully completing our program, learners may join a virtual review course to assist with new role

This course meets the standard requirements for full accreditation with the American Nurse Credentialing Center Commission on Accreditation (ANCC) for 17 contact hours for nurses. The certification last for 2 years.

Please note: This course is also great for non nurses seeking MDS 3.0 knowledge. (DON, ADON, Administrators, Social Workers, Rehab Departments, Activities, Dietary, CEO, Physicians, Manage Care etc.)


What to expect upon registration?

  • Whether you are joining at a live workshop site or at home/work on a live virtual class
    • Hard copy of books & materials are shipped to your home/work that are utilized to begin MDS 3.0 functions in the skilled facility
    • Prepare for a new career or enhance your existing career!
    • Expect to actually learn to assume the role of a MDS professional or understand principles of this dynamic role
    • To continue training until you understand!
    • Personalized attention in the learning process

Register today!

Cost: $750.00

(which includes books & materials, sample resume, exams and more importantly, a great comprehensive training!)


Payment Plans also available: 1st Payment $375.00 plus $25.00 payment plan fee = $400.00 2nd Payment $375.00 plus $25.00 payment plan fee = $400.00 Final payment due before the start of class.


Interested in Joining Virtually? Click Here

MDS 3.0 Coordinator Certificate Program

7 sessions total

(4 Days in classroom plus one day a week 3 weeks virtual)

  • 2 exams required for certification
  • 1st exam due one week from last day of 4 day training
  • 2nd exam due after 3 week virtual course
  • all exams are taken electronically at home/work anytime within the du


July 2018

  • July 23-26, 2018                                Atlanta, GA                               10am-2pm                             REGISTER HERE
  • July 23-26, 2018                                Orlando, Florida                     10am-2pm                              REGISTER HERE

August 2018

  • August 6-9, 2018                                Oakbrook, IL                                   10am-2pm                       REGISTER HERE
  • August 6-9, 2018                                Live Virtual  Class                          10am-2pm cst                REGISTER HERE
  • August 20-23, 2018                            Dallas, Texas                                  10am-2pm                     REGISTER HERE           

September 2018     

  • September 4-7, 2018                         Atlanta, GA                                      10am-2pm                         REGISTER HERE
  • September 10-13, 2018                     Houston, Texas                               10am-2pm                        REGISTER HERE
  • September 17-21, 2018                     Live Virtual Class                           10am-2pm                         REGISTER HERE
  • September 17-21, 2018                     Oakbrook, IL                                    10am-2pm                        REGISTER HERE

October 2018

  • October 15-18, 2018                       Dallas, Texas                                       10am-2pm                     REGISTER HERE
  • October 8-11, 2018                         Live Virtual Class                                 10am-2pm                     REGISTER HERE
  • October 29-1, 2018                         Livonia, Michigan                                10am-2pm                    REGISTER HERE



MDS 3.0 Coordinator Certificate Program – 7 Week Live

Each class meets one day a week for 7 weeks

What to expect upon registration?

  • Upon registration, students will receive email confirmation.
  • Hard copy of books and materials are shipped to your home.
  • Attend your live class on the schedule dates and times
  • Prepare for a new career or enhance your existing career!

Cost for program is $750.00 which includes all books and materials, exams etc.

Payment plan is available (additional fee of 25.00 will apply per payment) Total $400.00 down will reserve your seat. Balance is due prior to your first exam. $400.00 balance due.



 Detroit, MI – Schedule

(Schoolcraft College Livonia, MI & Virtual Sessions)

  • Wednesday TBA 




Dallas, TX – Schedule


  • Wednesdays – TBA (6:30-9pm)