MDS 3.0 Advanced I Bootcamp

MDS 3.0 Advanced I Bootcamp

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MDS 3.0 Advanced I Bootcamp

Workshop Overview:  This bootcamp is designed to the assist the clinician with the next level of MDS 3.0 Training. The focus is to equip you with the education and practice needed to progress knowledge in the MDS 3.0 compliance & reimbursement.

Intended Audience: MDS Nurse’s & SNF Teams who are seeking an in-depth knowledge regarding the MDS 3.0.

Topic Included in this program: 

  • MDS 3.0 OBRA Assessments – Management Tips
  • Review of the MDS 3.0 OBRA Scheduling regulations
  • MDS 3.0 Scheduling Practice Scenarios
  • Maximizing the ARD: Adjusting for capturing care services
  • Advanced MDS 3.0 Coding Tips – Common Coding errors
  • Medicaid CMI: Capturing the Care
  • Documentation Requirements
  • Case Mix Index (CMI) Codes: What you should know
  • Case Study

Learning Process

Sometimes after initial training, there are still loads of questions related to MDS 3.0 general topics such as coding questions, or MDS in relation to Medicaid CMI reimbursement.  This course is a comprehensive training that is great for MDS Nurses or SNF Team members interested in advanced MDS 3.0 Regulations.

Prerequisite: Basic knowledge MDS Basic 101 or Certification in MDS is recommended prior to attending this course.
Course Format: Live Virtual or Self-paced
Cost of Attendance: $450.00

Next Class date:

Jan 14 & 15, 2022 10am-2pm cst

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