MDS 3.0 Basics 101

MDS 3.0 Basics 101

by admin

MDS 3.0 Basic Training 101

The MDS 3.0 process for skilled nursing facilities has proven to become one of the most dynamic and critical components to the long-term facility success in reporting quality of care and maximizing reimbursement.

In this two-part course module, we will discuss the ground zero basics of the MDS 3.0 and how it functions within the skilled nursing facility.

Join me as we discuss the dynamics of the MDS 3.0 for Skilled Nursing!

Understanding the MDS 3.0 process is way more complex than one can imagine.  Ensuring a good foundation and overview will be vital!

Topics Include:

MDS 101- Basic MDS 3.0 Essentials 

  • Intro to MDS 3.0 for Skilled Nursing
  • Understanding the RAI MDS Process
  • Review how the MDS is utilized in SNF clinical reimbursements
  • The dynamic MDS 3.0 role of each SNF Interdisciplinary Team member

Recommended to attend this course prior to attending the MDS 3.0 Certificate Program, but not mandatory.

Pricing: 75.00

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Intended Audience: Any Clinician seeking general MDS/Reimbursement knowledge for Skilled Nursing.

This course does not satisfy requirements for MDS Certification but is a great start!

Tools for MDS 3.0 Management

Resident Assessment Instrument – RAI MDS 3.0 Manual

Manual: 1700 Pages (2 Binders)

Effective: October 1, 2023, MDS 3.0 RAI Users Manuals

Price: 225.00 (165.00 on sale) (code: MDS23)

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(Please note electronic copy only of MDS RAI Manual is included with MDS 3.0 Certificate Program effective Nov 1, 2023)

Hardcopy Manuals can be ordered here