Happy Nurse Assessment Day! May 7, 2019

Qualifications of a Great MDS Coordinator & Team

by admin

Happy Nurse Assessment Day! May 7, 2019

Qualifications of a Great MDS Coordinator & Team

by admin

by admin

As MDS Coordinator Day is Quickly Approaching, We wanted to share a few of the many Qualifications that make a great MDS Nurse & MDS Team Member (yes, IDT deserves to share the credit!)

Key MDS Management in skilled nursing facilities is vital.  Since 2010, there has been many updates to rules and regulation regarding the MDS RAI Process. Effective October 2019, Skilled Nursing Facilities will under go an overhaul of its payment system called the Patient Driven Payment System, also known as PDPM. Under this rule a keen eye of skilled nursing qualifications, correct ICD-10 Coding, and PDPM understanding will be vital.  A strong Interdisciplinary Team Approach will be necessary more than ever.

The MDS Department should serve as a key team members in Skilled Nursing Facilities compliance with MDS.

Here is an inside peek in a few of the skill set necessary to manage the MDS department.

  • Formal training from a reputable institution
  • Leadership Abilities with strong communication tact
  • Ability to create custom training program with other SNF management to promote team efforts
  • Ability to collaborate effective with management, staff and other IDT members
  • Critical thinking skills is a must
  • Strong knowledge of current MDS RAI, QM, QRP,  guidelines
  • The ability to multitask and organize simultaneously
  • Posses a team approach to departmental changes
  • Self motivated for continuous learning
  • Must have passed the MDS certification exam
  • Amiable disposition

In addition, a highly qualified MDS Coordinator should:

Be able to perform under pressure.

During the interview process, candidates to MDS positions will be grilled extensively on knowledge of the system. Candidates should be able to show their understanding of the financial ramifications of the reimbursement process and payment system. Even the slightest mistakes can cause the nursing home to lose thousands of dollars through non-payment of services already rendered.

Show a meticulous and professional work ethics.

The job of an MD Coordinator will require knowledge multiple regulation area.  It is a challenging job if only because of the amount of details one must deal with on a daily basis. The coordinator must monitor all case loads because even just one miss, the nursing facility will experience a domino effect in terms of reimbursement denials and other negative ramifications.

Be proactive about monitoring the rules and regulations.

This is a job that is always under scrutiny by local and federal agencies. The rulebook is updated far too many times to count and changes are not possible but probable. This means the coordinator has to  stay on top of the industry news. One way to do this is by taking refresher courses, review the changes and attend webinars as needed.

 Know how to communicate and work as part of a team.

The MDS Coordinator should not works solo. There is need for constant communication, verification, and coordination with every other member of the team not to mention the time spent communicating with the resident. This dictates a good work ethic; someone who follows the rules of the facility; able to work well with others; and understand that nonverbal communication is just as important. This means the coordinator should conduct himself or herself properly when working.


Any experienced MDS Nurse can agree, the role of MDS Nurse can be challenging to say the least. With hard work, commitment, and team support, the MDS Department proves to be a important extension to reporting the circle of care rendered to all of the Resident that we serve.

Please Share in the comments: What characteristics do you think makes a great MDS Nurse? 


We Solute MDS Nurses & All Staff that work together for MDS Compliance all around the U.S!

Happy Nurses Assessment Coordinator Day on May 7, 2019!


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