Typical Duties of the MDS Coordinator in 2022 & Beyond

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Typical Duties of the MDS Coordinator in 2022 & Beyond

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What are the duties of an MDS Coordinator in 2022 & Beyond?

The evolution of the nursing care field leads to new health care transformations between residents and healthcare professionals who work in Skilled Nursing Facilities.

The Minimum Data Set, MDS 3.0 a comprehensive assessment tool that is highly regulated, which can oversee and evaluate the long-term residents’ health conditions.  In the midst of a ongoing pandemic, The MDS Coordinator (nurse) role has become more dynamic than ever before.

Here are a few key duties of today’s MDS Coordinators:

Completing the Assessment Tool

One of the most significant job duties of a MDS Coordinator is to assess the residents’ physical condition, psychological, and health condition utilizing staff documentation over a span of a specific date range among all disciplines.  Completion of the MDS 3.0 assessment tool is a Interdisciplinary team approach which involves other healthcare professionals within the Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF).

Providing Team Leadership

For most nursing homes, the MDS Coordinator plays a leading role.  MDS Coordinators need to maintain effective communication skills between all departments including nursing staff, rehab, and others. In the wake of the current pandemic, staff shortages, and overall operational challenges, the MDS Department’s willingness for flexibility is desired.  Maintaining a solid understanding  of current regulatory compliance will be key in effective MDS leadership.

Managing the Department

MDS Coordinators must be knowledgeable about all the policies and information related to the  MDS 3.0.

The role of a manager isn’t always smooth sailing. Whereas at the beginning of the MDS Coordinator’s career it’s likely that a pure responsible for work alone could be expected. It is now the MDS  Coordinator’s duty to inspire, lead, and motivate the team to accomplish a set of goals for a holistic approach to resident centered care.

Currently, the need for medical professionals has increased dramatically. There is no doubt, as the vital part of the whole management team, the MDS Coordinators are facing climaxed opportunities. The future for MDS Coordinators is undouble bright.

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