What Does A MDS Coordinator Do?

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What Does A MDS Coordinator Do?

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What is the MDS?

The minimum data set (MDS) is an assessment tool used by nursing professionals to determine the well-being and functionality of residents in a nursing care facility. This tool, when properly used, assist clinician in accurately understanding resident’s abilities and needs, vital to creating a comprehensive plan of care.

What does a MDS Coordinators do? 

Some might say, “doesn’t look like much but sit at a desk all day!”  Especially if you are novice to what the MDS 3.0 is all about.  Of course, MDS Coordinators or MDS Nurses as commonly called are typically employed within a Skilled Nursing (SNF), Extended Care Units of Hospitals or Swing Bed Facilities.

The real duties will include tasks such as maintaining schedules and processing of the MDS 3.0 tool on a daily basis. Most MDS Coordinators are nurses, usually RN or LPNs/LVN however, the completion signature on a MDS form must be from an RN.

Facilities choosing a well-trained LPN/LVN will assign a signing RN for completion and not accuracy purposes.

While the MDS Nurse is ultimately the person to perform the final submission of the MDS 3.0 tool, other disciplines such as social service, dietary, Director of Nurses, Administrators, Assistant Director of Nurses, Supervising (Charge Nurses) Activity Dept, Skilled Rehab, among other departments, should also possess a detailed knowledge of what the MDS Process entails. Join our MDS 3.0 101 Basic course as a starter.

The process

The MDS 3.0 is a dynamic tool required of all licensed Skilled Nursing Facilities also commonly known as nursing homes. This tool is utilized to assist with the assessment of Resident overall functional abilities to ensure a comprehensive plan of care is written. Also, the MDS tool is utilized for certain payor reimbursements like Medicare Part A and Medicaid.

In conclusion, the MDS Nurse should be well trained in the MDS Process in areas of compliance and reimbursement. The MDS Coordinator should be to go to expert in MDS knowledge for the facility.

How Do You Become an MDS Coordinator?

The first step in becoming a certified MDS Coordinator is to gain clinical experience in the nursing field. Next, complete on-the-job training or a certification program to become a certified MDS Coordinator.

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